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At Golden Life, we practice lifestyle architecture – the design and creation of a freedom lifestyle you love. What does that freedom lifestyle look like for you? The beauty is, whatever you want it to look like.

We accomplish this by leveraging the lucrative $8 trillion travel industry to create an additional revenue stream that funds whatever you care about most – whether it’s retiring yourself or aging parents, paying for a child’s education, buying your dream home, or funding a passion project – it’s totally up to you!

How do we do that? We’ve partnered with a global travel company that offers the ability for us to make and save money on our own travels and the travel of others in our network. Email to learn more.

Services & Offerings

  • E-commerce Business Platform Running 24/7
  • Travel Insider Benefits
  • Tax Benefits & Savings
  • Multiple Income Opportunities (including passive & residual)
  • Mentoring & Customized Coaching
  • Virtual and Live Training Opportunities

What others have to say…

“Working with Leslie has radically changed my business ventures. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and future media mogul, I was building several projects at one time and had no idea where to begin or how to fund my community town hall, Districtly Speaking, which was free to the public. With Leslie’s guidance and an introduction to a travel business concept, I was able to generate the kind of profit that funded several of my passion projects by creating several bucket list travel experiences for groups that generated $5000+ in commissions!  Her PR/communication background coupled with her strong business acumen made her the perfect person to help me get clarity on my goals, increase my profit and design the kind of “golden lifestyle” she promotes in her own life and for her clients. I love working with her and highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a lifestyle of their choosing.”

Jonelle Henry, DS Traveler

“Taking advantage of this project has allowed me the ability to spend more of my time doing what I want to do and not what I have to do. Whether that is taking care of loved ones, mentoring and coaching others on health and building a lifestyle of their choosing, participating in more mission trips or simply exploring the world and getting paid to do it. The best part about it is that not only have I earned a supplemental income that has funded my passions, but my life has more significance because of the people that I’ve been able to help just by doing what I love to do – travel and encouraging others!”

Angela Billups, Livity Escapes

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